Guidelines for authors

In the journal “Vestnik of Russian military medical
Academy” articles and posts on the most
the most important issues and teaching,
ucnej and practical, treatment and prevention
and clinical work.
Work for publication in the journal should be pre-
reported in compliance with these requirements.
1. The article should be printed on one side
sheet A4 size, with single spacing
lines, with standard fields (left – 3 cm, right-
VA – 1 cm, top and bottom – 2.5 cm), with pagination
(upper center of the first page without a number). Page
should be numbered sequentially, starting with
2. Send 1 paper copy and
electronic version on CD-ROM. The text should Pecha-
a thief in the editor Word, font Times New
Roman, 14 point, without hyphenation.
3. The volume of survey articles should not exceed 20 countries
nits typescript, original research
historical articles – 10.
4. At the beginning of the first page specified universal
decimal code (UDC), initials and surname of the author and
the title of the article (in Russian and English), Nai
eventually rename the Department or laboratory and the institution where
the work was performed, telephone number and email
address of the author responsible for contact with the editorial Board.
5. The first page should contain the abstract in Rus-
ish and English languages (not less than 200 and not
more than 250 words). In summary should set out the main
the results of the new and important aspects of research or on-
observation. Summary should not contain abbreviations. Yes
Leah needs to be given key words in Russian
and English (8-10 words).
6. The text of the article should be carefully verified and is not
contain spelling, grammatical and stylisti-
ical errors.
7. Especially carefully it is necessary to describe the materials and
methods of research, to specify precisely the names used
bathrooms reagents, the firm of the manufacturer and the country.
8. If the article is a description of observations
man, do not use names, initials of the patients
or number of histories, especially in pictures, or
photos. In describing experiments on animals
specify whether the content and use
laboratory animals the rules adopted in the institution
the recommendations of the national research Council,
national laws.
9. Illustrations should be clear, sharp.
Digital versions of illustrations should be saved in
separate files in Tiff format with resolution not less than
300 dpi and are consecutively numbered. Illustra-
tion and figure captions must be placed
in the main text. Before each picture, chart
or table in the text must be referenced. In
the legends to microphotographs, electronic micro photos-
gratiam should specify the method of coloring and
to denote the scale bar. Diagrams should be
represented in source files.

10. Bibliographic references in the text must be given
figures in square brackets in accordance with the list
literature at the end of the article. In the beginning of the list in alphabetical
to specify domestic authors, then – foreign
strange, also in alphabetical order.
11. Bibliographic description of the literary sources
nicknames must comply with the requirements of GOST 7.1–2003
“Bibliographic record. Citation
document. General requirements and rules”.
Book with one author
Nebylitsin V. D. Selected psychological works /
V. D. Nebylitsin. – M.: Pedagogika, 1990. – 144 p.
Book with two authors
Kornilov, N. In. Trauma and orthopaedic in-
the power in the clinic: a guide for physicians / N. In. Kornilov,
E. G. Gryaznukhin. – SPb.: Hippocrates, 1994. – 320 p.
Book with three authors
Ivanov, V. V. Analysis of the scientific potential / V. V. Ivanov,
A. S. Kuznetsov, P. V. Pavlov. – SPb.: Science, 2005. – 254 p.
Book with four authors or more
Alisievich, V. N. The theory of foreign forensic medicine:
proc. manual / V. N. Alisievich [and others]. – M.: Publishing house of Moscow state University,
1990. – 40 p.

The dissertation
Eremenko V. I. On the Central and peripheral mecha-
the mechanisms of cardiovascular disorders in the long
emotional stress: abstract. dis. … d-RA med. Sciences /
V. I. Eremenko. – SPb.: MMA, 1997. – 34 p.

From the collection
Mikhailenko, A. A. Chlamydial infection: hematocele-
symbolic and gistogematicalkie barriers / A. A. Mikhailenko, S. L.
Onishchenko // Actual problems. clinic, diagnostics and treatment
: abstracts. scientific. Conf. – SPb.: MMA, 1999. – P. 284.
Zhukovsky, V. A. Development, production and vision
tiwa improvement of mesh implants for
plastic surgery / V. A. Zhukovsky // proceedings of the 1st
Intern. Conf. “Modern methods of hernioplasty and
abdominoplasty with the use of polymeric implant
tov”. – M.: Science, 2003. – P. 17-19.
Chapter or section from the book
Bunny, A. S. Fundamentals of General pathophysiology /
A. S. Zaichik, L. P. Churilov // Basics of General pathology: proc.
a textbook for students of medical universities. – SPb.: ELBI, 1999. – Part 1.,
Chapter 2. – Pp. 124-169.
Zhukov, M. V. features of cerebral hemodynamics
in patients with Chiari malformation type I / M. V. Zhukov
[ et al.] / / Vestn. Ross. military.-med. Academy. – 2011. – № 1 (33).
– S. 50-55.
From the newspaper
Fomin, N. F. An outstanding scientist, teacher, educator
/ N. F. Fomin, F. A., Ivankovic, E. I. Veselov // VOEN. doctor.
– 1996. – № 8 (1332). – P.5.
Fomin, N. F. An outstanding scientist, teacher, bodied
tel / N. F. Fomin, F. A., Ivankovic, E. I. Veselov // VOEN.